Better ways forward.

Ever wish we could be our most innovative selves at any moment? 



Safe space and powerful directions.

Innovators' Compass is a visual workspace to explore new possibilities and unlock our potential in any situation. 

It uses five questions asked by all kinds of innovators



A powerful compass. Not a map.

We can explore it over months or just seconds—on a whiteboard, digital document, scrap of paper, in conversation or in our mind, alone or with others. 

As a compass it doesn't give us a map, but helps us find our own way and map our discoveries as we go. 




In anything we do.

Anything on our minds—big or small, whether we're excited, worried, or just curious.

Decisions. Meetings. Planning. Conversations. Projects. Dreams. 



It’s in use in homes, schools and other organizations. 




Yes, everyone, empowered.
And the people who try, share, and share back are the inspiration and energy of this work. 



An ongoing labor of love. 

In her last decade of leading, teaching, coaching, and parenting, Ela Ben-Ur has been seeking the powerful common ground in different practices of “innovation” and intuition —from personal learning and reflection practices to organizational practices like design thinking and agile development.

And, seeking to bring these into one powerful yet intuitive, concrete tool or practice that can be easily accessed and used by anyone, anytime— in many different settings and scales, whether in curriculum we create or personal crises we coach (or experience!), in a moment or over years.

This is now her exclusive focus, in collaboration with many incredible educators and others who are voluntarily experimenting. A sabbatical of sorts to purse a passion and question. 

Her aspiration for people of all ages is to nurture the 4C’s of 21st Century learning (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity) and more (compassion, curiosity, clarity, courage)—an inner compass for the 21st Century, whose world has ever-growing challenges and opportunities for people to navigate, from a personal scale to a global one.