College Design Course

E4H wheelchair project.jpg


Students the Engineering for Humanity class I co-teach with anthropologist Caitrin Lynch at Olin College are invited to explore the compass 6 times on their journey: 

  • pick an elderly community partner and challenge they want to work with
  • play with possible ideas,
  • play with bits of ways a promising idea might work, look, and feel
  • prototype a first put-together product
  • pilot it for a week with their partners
  • produce (and present) a final reliable, effective, and delightful product to help them in their lives

Along the way, they use compasses to reflect on and evolve their experiences in the class, as a team, and as a designer in society.  But as we go, we encourage them to explore in whatever way they want—any pattern from the upper left poster below—as long as they arrive at meaningful observations, principles, ideas, and experiments to share.  The visual "syllabus" is below; I'm happy to share all the class materials, just reach out! 

Engineering For Humanity Posters