This work is a labor of love—not only mine.  People like you have offered the observations, principles, ideas, and experiments that have evolved this work. They've shared their experiences with me and the world.


Please reach out! Your experiences propel this work, and I'm always glad to help in any way (  Till we speak, a bit more about me and some of those amazing contributors...

Photo: Dirk Ahlgrim

Photo: Dirk Ahlgrim

Ela Ben-Ur

Ela Ben-Ur is passionate about seeing people of all ages articulate and amplify their natural ways of making things better. She has worked and co-experimented deeply with educators and organizations interested in design thinking since 2012. Ela worked 13 prior years at renowned innovation firm IDEO. Her design practice and leadership at IDEO spanned diverse industries, geographies and sectors. She went on to coach teams, facilitate for clients and co-found IDEO’s Leadership Studio for developing project leaders. Ela has taught courses from product design to life design at pioneering Olin College since 2007. She’s led workshops at venues from MIT (her alma mater) to the National Science Teachers’ Association, AIGA, International Development Design Summit, and US Conference on AIDS.  Her 5- and 7-year old daughters are her inspiration. 

More at her professional site,


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So many more to thank...

Many more Compass experimenters on Twitter. And others like Artemis Akchoti, Aram Armstrong, Coeylen Barry, Linda Gerard, Sara Hendren, Jenny Jin, Michael Ninh, Kaija Peters...

Help with words and graphics: HUGE shout-out to Kara Krumpe, Daniel Koff, and Tim Sauder for their work on the latest set of compass graphics and tools!  Further heartfelt thanks to Jennifer Audette, Kelly Sherman, and Amy Leventhal on the earlier language and graphics. The fonds used are Century Gothic (very common) and Mix Sonatina (the handwriting, by wonderful Mikko Sumulong).

Help with video: Gregory Mang

Help with this website Kathleen McKissack

The incredible support and community of 4.0 Schools

The inspiration and support of Tom and David Kelley and their message of Creative Confidence. And Otto Scharmer, and his incredible work, Theory U. 

The light and memory of longtime friends and IDEOers Rhonda LeRocque and David Duncanson. Lost too soon to the Las Vegas mass shooting, and to cancer, respectively, I wish that this work might help us move forward on challenges like these. 

My family