The Innovators’ Compass is portable—everything you need is on it, in you, or around you. Like any compass, you can pull it out and put it away anytime you like—like when you're starting something new or feeling stuck. You can explore any anything big or small in school, work or life.  You can use it on paper, tablet or in your head. 

As a guide to help you use it deeply, you can use the prompts on the printable Pocket Compass, also shown here. 

Or, the audio/video guides under downloads

Put a circle in the middle and add four lines for the quadrants. In the center include PEOPLE who may be involved (including you). With them whenever possible, use these spaces to explore your:

OBSERVATIONS: What’s happening? Why? What are/were people doing? Saying? Thinking? Feeling? Why? Notice the full range without judging.

PRINCIPLES: What matters most for things to work for people involved? Why? Competing principles are natural and drive creative ideas.

IDEAS: What could happen? Imagine different possibilities. Don't judge or detail them yet. Anyone and anything can help. Look for inspiring examples.

EXPERIMENTS: What’s a way to try an idea, answering any questions about it? With the least time/risk/cost? Do it. Note new OBSERVATIONS. What’s surprising?

Each space can move you forward. Go around, back and forth, or wherever you need more, until you find your way. Ask more deeply, in new ways. Look, listen, feel; use words, draw, move, make. 

Explore anything on your mind or to-do list. Do it alone or with others. You’ll see more and more ways to navigate new challenges.

Check out (and please share!) examples of ways people have used the compass.