Make some space

 Just a circle (or heart) and four lines.

Just a circle (or heart) and four lines.

We can make some space to explore new possibilities in anything we're doing, using a whiteboard, tablet, or scrap of paper, in conversation, or in our minds.

You can start on paper. Draw a circle and four lines. Add your topic on top.

Or if you prefer, print a blank compass, or try the app



Get oriented & start finding better ways forward

Try "POPIE": Start with the People involved. Cycle clockwise from Observations. Or, go however moves you forward.  

Really explore each space to find new possibilities: add, question, and totally change things. What happens?

Please, please share if you can—it helps so many others!



Go deeper

Try one of the guides (Pocket Compass card, videos) linked at the right. All go in that clockwise order, helping you get the feel of exploring each space deeply by inviting you to: 

Push yourself with the grey compass points.
E.g., for the lower left, Have I really seen details in new ways yet? 

Ask the questions again and again. Explore different what, when, why, how. 
E.g. What's happening? Why? Why? Why? What else is happening?

Tap into another of your or others'  Ten+ Tools (below).
E.g. What if I look, listen, or feel? Use a picture, object, or motion? See what my heart or gut says? Consider what others do, think, feel? 

Add question marks to hunches, and keep going to test them.
E.g. I *think* this is happening, so I'll put it here with a question mark for now.

Use the other spaces.
E.g. What observations are behind the ideas I have? What happened from experiments I tried before? 

  Pocket Compass card

Pocket Compass card

  1-2 Minute video guides  to each space

1-2 Minute video guides to each space

  22 minute video  coaching a personal challenge

22 minute video coaching a personal challenge

Use all your resources

 10 Tools 

We always have 10 tools in and around us.  The guides above, and all deeper methods I've found, basically invite you to use one or more of these to go further in any Compass direction you're exploring.