Starting something or feeling stuck? Use these questions to see it in new ways—one or all of them can move you forward. 

Make some space & start exploring

Just make some space to ask these questions—on paper, board, screen, in your head or a conversation. Or use a worksheet or app in resources.

Go wherever moves you forward! Let all your thoughts out. If you're not sure, just add a "?" mark and keep going to find out. You can always go back.

Or follow the numbers. A way to remember: think “POPIE*:  People, Observations, Principles, Ideas, Experiments and back to what happens for all involved (#1&2). Whatever you name these things, they're what move you forward in any situation. 

*pronounce "pop-ee", like popping out of your stuck. 



Go deeper

 10 Tools 

Explore any question more. Explore different who, what, when, why, how. Question and change things.
E.g. What's happening? Why? Why? What else is happening? 

Tap into another of your or others' Ten+ Tools (see picture).
E.g. What if I look, listen, or feel?  Learn what others do, think, feel? Draw, move, or make?  See what my heart or gut says?

Use the other spaces.
E.g. What observations are behind the ideas I have? What happened from experiments I tried before? 

Tips for groups

Try this so that everyone is able to contribute and move forward together.

  • For each question, everyone takes a couple of minutes to collect their own thoughts on stickies or slips of paper. They just put one thought on each sticky/slip, using as many as they need.
  • Then 1 person shares just what they wrote for just one thought and puts it down on a big compass. Others with the same thought just put it down with the first (or writes a +1 on it). 
  • Someone else shares 1 thought, and so on till all the thoughts are out.

Thanks to Audrey O'Clair for this!

Kari Ratka reflection onPD week-group.png