The Innovators’ Compass is portable—everything you need is on it, in you, or around you.

Use the language on the Compass to explore the center and spaces. 

Each space (center and quadrants) brings out our curiosity, creativity, clarity, compassion, and courage in different ways. We’ve been in these spaces before whether or not we thought about it, or used this language.  Here are some guides to help get a feel for them. 

1. The prompts from this printable Pocket Compass

2.  1-2 minute audio/video guides for each space.  

3. A 20-minute example of someone working on a personal challenge.

All guides all follow the order many processes take; however people bounce around and revisit these spaces. If another space suddenly calls you, you can go there; you can/will come back. Pause anytime.

Use all your tools
Ten tools we always have that can help in any of the spaces: our headheartguteyesearsbodyhands; and wordspictures, and stuff/space around us.

Notice when another challenge has you stuck.