Your Compass for Happy Holidays & New Year

Please print & help test family-oriented prototypes while co-designing a great holiday & new year with your family!

These are very rapid, early prototypes, so please tell me what you use and how it goes! (, @ElaBenUr). 

All these are based on the same 5 powerful questions asked by many different creative people and practices I've had the privilege to know. 

Here's our family's experience so far (which inspired many of the updates to the tools below :)!

Playing Games around the table (and they make lovely centerpieces!)

Innovators' Compass Cubes.JPG


Explore everyday challenges with just the "Compass Questions" cube, or use the "Feelings Cube" and "our 10+ Power Tools" cubes for more fun—and depth. The "Feelings Cube" will give you lots of ideas for topics!

Instructions are included—or make up and share your own game!

I'll play with cards, spinners, or other ideas after learning from this!

Cube PDF 

idea credit: Valeria Rodriguez

Reflections & Resolutions

Here's a little space to to reflACT on 2017 and set those 2018 New Year's Resolutions! And, to work through challenges that come up next year. If you collect the sheets you use, you’ll have an atlas of your life!

Worksheets Image innovatorscompass-org.jpg

These sheets all have the same five questions—people have found very different styles feel right depending on who they are and where they are. 

Portrait-oriented worksheets—great for a binder. Updated 12/29!
Landscape-oriented worksheets.

Audrey O'Claire piloted the compass-based New Year's Resolutions with her family last year!

Companion Tools for InnovatorsCompass-org v03.jpg

A companion sheet that has the same "Feelings" and "10+ Power Tools" prompts as the cubes in the game above, to consider as we use the compass worksheets. 

And to all, a good night



Bookmark your or your child's book with a little reflection practice to wind down your mind. 

Two versions, with the questions in a list or in a compass, both with feelings on the back.   

Bookmark PDF  updated 12/29!

Ready for any little stuckness that might (um, will) happen!


Stickers that unstick you

Well, first you've got to cut them out and stick them to stuff.  

Two sizes. A variety of styles. 

Stickers PDF updated 12/29!



Pocket Compass Cards Innovatorscompass-org.JPG

Pocket Compass

Have "unsticking" questions anywhere you get stuck (which is...anywhere!). Set one on your table, keep it in your wallet, whatever!   

Two versions to choose from (two sides of one shown here).

Folded card PDF 

Original idea: Tim Hall

Decals - innovatorscompass-org.jpg

Decoration that's inpsiration

Turn any window, mirror, or board into a place to get inspired or work through challenges. Each part of the compass—people, ideas, observations—has its own shape. Cut them apart and put them up. 

Decals PDF