Innovators' Compass is a powerful tool that helps people move forward in any challenge, big or small—in one usable, shareable picture.

VIDEO—5-minute overview with examples and resources:


Better ways forward, in anything we do.

Our best ways of getting unstuck, accessible for any person at every moment. 



Safe space and powerful directions.

Innovators' Compass is 5 ways we move forward in any challenge, big or small. 

For and with the people involved, we find new possibilities in these questions — seeing the past, present and future of any situation in new ways. Any one or all of them can unstick us.

Naming our views helps us recognize, use and share them. I find our People, Observations, Principles, Ideas, and Experiments work well. 



A powerful compass. Not a map.

These questions are asked by all kinds of innovative people and processes — and all of us when we get unstuck. 

We can follow the numbers or go wherever moves us forward. 

We can explore these over months or just seconds—on any board, screen, or paper, in conversation or in our mind, alone or with others. We can capture our discoveries to use or share further—or just move on. 

Please find simple instructions and many examples on this site. 




In anything we do.

Anything on our minds—big or small, whether we're excited, worried, or just curious.

Decisions. Conversations. Meetings. Planning. Projects. Dreams. 




It’s used in homes, schools and other organizations. 

From preschools to the US Conference on AIDS. Take a peek





Yes, anyone.
And the people who try this tool, share it, and share back experiences are the inspiration and energy of this work. 



An ongoing labor of love. 

In her last decade of leading, teaching, coaching, and parenting, Ela Ben-Ur has been seeking the powerful common ground in different practices that move us forward—from personal learning and reflection practices to organizational practices like design thinking and agile development.

And, she's sought to bring these into one powerful yet intuitive, concrete tool or practice that can be easily accessed and used by anyone, anytime—in many different settings and scales, in a moment or over years.

Her aspiration for people of all ages is to nurture the 4C’s of 21st Century learning (says communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity) and more (compassion, curiosity, clarity, courage)—an inner compass for the 21st Century, whose world has ever-growing challenges and opportunities for people to navigate, from a personal scale to a global one. 

Investing in this passion/question is now her exclusive focus, in collaboration with many incredible educators and others who are voluntarily experimenting and bringing their unique perspectives to this work.  

Please become part of the story! It took years—with experiments, honest observations, and new ideas from many people—to get a tool that can be passed person-to-person and make a difference in whatever they’re trying to do. Please experiment with this, share it (with attribution), and email or tweet your experiences.

Those person-to-person moments will always matter most. It’s now also time for larger-scale ways to share Innovators’ Compass and measure its impact.  At either scale, people are still at its center, so please reach out to help!

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