INNOVATORS' COMPASS is a trademark and service mark owned by Ela Ben-Ur. The content of this website is protected by copyright.

Many years have gone into the tools shown here, with the aim of making a difference. These tools are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You may use, copy, and modify the tools for your own use and not for resale, provided that you:

1. Label them with “INNOVATORS' COMPASS by Ela Ben-Ur, see innovatorscompass.org” clearly (beside and of similar size to any other label, inseparable from the graphic; or if using it verbally, say this up front) every time you use/show/share/adapt them in any way (and note if it's an adaptation). When you share the original unmodified tools, keep or reproduce my copyright notice and trademark, INNOVATORS' COMPASS, on each copy.

2. Share back your uses and experiences either by tweet to #innovatorscompass or email to ela@innovatorscompass.org for me and perhaps others to learn from.

3. Remind others to do the two things above.

Please do use these tools to make anything better, including the work you are paid to do—just do the 3 things above. If you’re considering being paid specifically for teaching/using this tool, please reach out and talk to me.